What are the prerequisites to attend an AMP Camp?

We expect folks who are relatively new to big data analytics and distributed systems will be able to follow along throughout the entire AMP Camp agenda, so the prerequisites are relatively light. Familiarity with Linux, Java, SQL, and EC2 might be helpful, but isn’t strictly required.

How many AMPLab Sponsor representatives can register for free?

Due to space limitations, we have reserved some space at AMP Camp for AMPLab Sponsor and Affiliate representatives through the August 9th, after which time the seats will become available to anybody via the General Registration option. During the Affiliates and Sponsors registration window (ending on Aug 9th), Seats are available according to the following breakdown:

  • Founding Sponsors: 6 attendees for free.
  • Sponsors: 4 attendees for free.
  • Affiliates: 2 attendees for free

Invitations are transferrable. If more folks in your organization are interested in attending than are allocated according to your sponsor type, any number can register via the general registration option. You can also let us know by emailing ampcamp@cs.berkeley.edu and we will see what we can do as things progress, pending space availability (however we usually sell out so there is low probability that space will become available).

When I try to register with my sponsor/affiliate/associate access code, I see the error: ‘No more “XXXX” codes are being accepted for this registrant type. Enter another code or contact your event administrator.’

This means that all of the free slots allocated to your organization have been used by people that have registered from your organization already. If more folks in your organization are interested in attending than are allocated according to your sponsor type, let us know by emailing ampcamp@cs.berkeley.edu

Questions about AMP Camp One

When will the videos from AMP Camp One Berkeley 2012 be available?

The videos are available here!

We are working hard to edit and prepare the videos to post online. If you registered for in-person or live streaming, we will email you the moment the video’s are available. If you didn’t attend, join our mailing list now and we’ll email you too! We expect it to take no longer than a week or two after the event, so hopefully by or around the end of August.

Who organized AMP Camp One Berkeley 2012?

Putting together AMP Camp was an extensive effort by many folks, including:

  • Andy Konwinski – Lead AMP Camp Organizer, PhD student in AMPLab
  • Kattt Atchley – AMP Camp Organizer, AMPLab Administrator
  • Sean McMahon – AMP Camp Organizer, AMPLab Administrator
  • Matei Zaharia – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Ariel Kleiner – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Reynold Xin – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Tamara Broderick – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Shivaram Venkataraman – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Patrick Wendell – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Michael Franklin – Director of AMPLab, UC Berkeley EECS Faculty
  • Ion Stoica – UC Berkeley EECS Faculty
  • Michael Armbrust – PhD student in AMPLab
  • Tathagata Das – PhD in AMPLab
  • Josh Rosen – PhD in AMPLab
  • Denny Britz – Staff Research Programmer in AMP Lab
  • All of our speakers! — see the agenda for the full list of speakers

How to I get invited to the AMP Camp One Piazza Class?

Everybody that registered for AMP Camp One Berkeley 2012 (in-person or live streaming) before the beginning of the event was enrolled automatically in the AMP Camp Piazza Class. If you would like to be enrolled now that the event has passed in order to view the archived discussions and Q&A, please email ampcamp@cs.berkeley.edu.