Hands-on Exercises

Getting Started With Your USB Stick

On-site Participants

You should have received a USB stick containing the training materials. If you do not have one, please ask a TA.

If you cannot use the USB stick or would prefer to download a zip file with the USB stick’s contents, please click here.

Remote Participants

Please download the USB stick’s contents from here.

Quick Start

After loading the USB key, you should perform the steps outlined below. If you are a windows user, please consider using Powershell, or otherwise replace cd with dir and any forward slash (/) with a backwards slash (\) when navigating directories.

  1. (Recommended, but not required) Copy the contents of the USB drive to somewhere on your hard drive. It is possible to run the exercises directly from the USB drive, although the exercises will run much more slowly.

    The USB drive contains over 2GB of files, so please begin this file transfer as soon as possible.

  2. Rename the folder containing all exercise content (either on your hard-drive or on the USB key) to AMPCAMP (or any other pathname without spaces). If you skip this step, you will see your sbt builds fail.

  3. Change directories in to the folder containing all exercise content (either on your hard-drive or on the USB key)

    Throughout the training exercises, all command-line instructions of the form 'usb/$' refer to a terminal that is the root directory containing all exercise content (either on your hard-drive or on the USB key) . Moreover, [usb root directory] refers to the full path to this directory.

  4. Check your setup by building a toy application. To do this, run the following commands, and confirm the results match. If they do, you just built a simple spark application - go look at the source code to get a feel for what happened.

    usb/$ cd simple-app
    $ ../sbt/sbt package
    $ ../spark/bin/spark-submit --class "SimpleApp" --master local[*] target/scala-2.10/simple-project_2.10-1.0.jar
    2014-06-27 15:40:44.788 java[15324:1607] Unable to load realm info from SCDynamicStore
    Lines with a: 73, Lines with b: 35

Please ask a TA if you are having trouble getting the simple application to build.

Additional Required Download

Some of the exercises require you to download addtional project templates and/or data. The following instructions explain how to incorporate this material with the content of the USB drive.

  1. Download the following zip file:
  2. Unzip the training-downloads.zip file to your [usb root directory].

USB Contents

You’ll find the following contents in the USB drive (this info is taken from the README):

Hands-on Exercises