Hands-on Exercises


Welcome to the AMP Camp 3 hands-on exercises. These exercises will have you working directly with components of our open-source software stack, called the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS).

You can navigate around the exercises by looking in the page header or footer and clicking on the arrows or the dropdown button that shows the current page title (as shown in the figure below).

The components we will cover over the two days of AMP Camp 3 are listed in the following subsections.

Day 1 Exercises

Day 2 Exercises

Course Prerequisites

Several components support multiple languages. For the sections about Spark and Spark Streaming, you can choose which language you want to use as you follow along and gain experience with the tools. The following table shows which languages this mini course supports for each section. You are welcome to mix and match languages depending on your preferences and interests.

Spark Interactive yes no yes
Shark Interactive All SQL
Spark Streaming yes yes no
BlinkDB All SQL
MLbase yes no no
Mesos Command Line and WebUI

Providing feedback

We are using the cutting edge versions (i.e., the master branches) of most of our software components, which means you may run into a few issues. If you do, please call over a TA and explain what’s going on. To report a problem, please create a new issue at the training docs Github issue Tracker (there is also a link to this in the footer on all pages of the exercises).

Getting Started

Ok, If you are attending AMP Camp in-person, we have probably given you a hostname and instructions for downloading the private key you will need in the next section to access your cluster. If you are participating in the exercises from a remote location, you will want to launch a BDAS cluster on Amazon EC2 for yourself.

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Hands-on Exercises